Date: Oct 19, 2010
Tradeshow: CIE(new) Beijing 2
Location: Beijing
We will take part in the CIEC(New) Beijing,if you are interested in our products,you can come and see us at the booths as follow:
Phase2: October 23th-October 27th ,2009 9:30-18:00
Phase3: October 31- November 4 , 2009 9:30-18:00

Bamboo is one of the forest resources.There are more than 70 genera divided into about 1200 species.They are mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical regionsand a few species distributed in variable zone and frigid zone.

Bamboo requires high conditions of water and heat quantity,and very sensitivity,so they distributed in the earth as the water and heat quantity distributed on theearth surface.Southeast Asia located in tropical and south subtropical regions,where have flushed water and steady heat quantity,are the ideal environment and thecenter of the world bamboo place.

use in the architecure:Bamboo has a long history in architecure.In the old times,bamboo plays an important role in building their houses.

Our factory located in Zhejiang,where grows lots of bamboo.If you go to our factory,you will see many hills around our factory, and there are lots of bamboo grow on the hills.Do you want to see this graceful environment?please come here and see us.