FTTH Cable with self-supporting
 Self-supporting Rubber-covered Wire Cable,FRP or Steel Wire strength member,LSZH material,Small bending radius used in door cabling;.FTTx used in door network installation
Detailed Description
  结构特点 Structural Characteristics 
光纤芯数                                            Fiber count 1-4      
吊线                                                     Messenger wire 钢绞丝                                                                                                                                                                                         Stranded steel wires      
加强件                               Strength member FRP或者钢丝                                                                                                                                                                            FRP(Fiber reinforce plastic rod) or steel wire      
光缆护套                                                                                    Cable sheath 低烟无卤阻燃材料                                                                                                                                                              LSZH material      
光缆护套颜色                                                                                    Cable sheath color 黑色                                                                                                                                                                                                    Black      
  技术参数 Technical Data
光纤芯数Fiber count 光缆外径        Cable outer dia (mm) 光纤类型             Optical fiber type 光缆重量 Cable weight (kg/km) 最小弯曲半径 Min.bending radius(mm) 允许拉伸力 Permissible tensile force(N) 允许压扁力      Permissible pressure force(N/100mm)      
静态Static 动态Dynamic 短期   Short-term 长期  Long-term 短期                Short-term 长期                  Long-term      
1 2.0*5.0 0.25mm 涂覆光纤Coating Optical Fiber 19.1 60 30 600 300 2200 1000      
2 2.0*5.0 0.25mm 涂覆光纤 Coating Optical Fiber*2 20.1 60 30 600 300 2200 1000      
4 2.0*5.6 4 Cores 光纤带Optical-fiber-ribbon  22.5 60 30 600 300 2200 1000      
1.The minimum bend radius(static)is 15mm when G.657 fiber is used.      
  温度范围 Temperature Range
运输和储藏温度                                   Transport/Storage temp      -20~ +70      
安装温度                              Installation temp      -5~ +50      
工作温度                        Operation temp      -20~ +70      
备注 Remark                      
1. 光纤种类:单模G.652.DG.657 G.655,多模50/12562.5/125或者其他客户指定的光纤;                                                                                                                                    1. Fiber: single mode fiber G.652.D,G.657,G.655,multi mode fiber 50/125,62.5/125 or specified by customer;
2. 护套材料:LSZH 低烟无卤阻燃材料或者其他商定材料;                                                                                                                                                                               2. Sheath material: LSZH material or specified by customer;        
3. 表中的参数是一般值,产品的尺寸和性能值可以根据客户指定需求;                                                                                                                                                                    3. The parameters in above table are nominal values, all sizes and performance values can be specified by customer.   
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