ADSS self support High quality outdoor g652d optic fiber cable

1)Application:Electrical power transmission system 
2)Low loss, low dispersion 
3)Span: 100m-400m 
4)OEM order is welcome




optical fiber cable:

1. Low dispersion and attenuation.
2. Proper design, precise control for fiber excess length and distinct stranding process render the cable excellent mechanical and environmental properties. 
3. Anti-electromagnetism ability. 
4. Use high intensity aramid yarn as anti-pulling component, strong, light and small cable diameter, suitable for different climatic situation and installation span.
5. Special AT (Anti-Track) outer sheath protection, strong anti-electro-corrosion ability.

Detailed Description


 Cable type ADSS-PE/AT24B1-12kN( typical)  
Fiber attenuation(B1)              1310nm             (dB/km)                                                      1550nm ≤0.36                                                                                                        ≤0.22  
 Nominal cable outer dia(mm) 13(typical)  
Nominal thickness of outer sheath(mm) ≥1.7  
 Cable weight(kg/km) 80~180  
 Young's modulus(GPa)                                                         ( full cable cross-section) 8~20                                                                                                     depending on span,load,ect)  
 Thermal expansion coefficient(10-5/íŠ) ≤10  
Min.bending radius(mm)                             (D: cable dia) Static:15D                               Dynamic:25D  
 Representative span(m)  100~1000  
  Temperature Range
                                Transport/Storage temp      -30íŠ~ +65íŠ  
  Installation temp      -20íŠ~ +50íŠ  
Operation temp      -30íŠ~ +65íŠ  
1. Fiber: single mode fiber G.652.D,G.657,G.655,multi mode fiber 50/125,62.5/125 or specified by customer;
  2. Sheath material: PE,AT material or specified by customer;  
   3. The parameters in above table are nominal values, all sizes and performance values can be specified by customer.
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