Metal Strength member, Loose tube stranded type, gelly filled, APL- Polyethylene(PE) sheath, Outer door optical fiber cable for telecommunication
Detailed Description
    Selected high quality optical fiber ensure the optical fiber cable have excellent transmission properties
     The unique fiber excess length control method provides the cable with excellent mechanical and environmental properties
     Very strict material and manufacturing control guarantees the cable can work stably for more than 30 years.
     Total cross-section water-resistant structure and PSP armor make cable have an excellent properties of moisture resistance
     Special jelly filled in the loose tube provides the fibers with critical protection
     The central member adopted corrosion resistant, high young's modulus phosphatic steel wire.
Quantity of fibers
Promised tension (N)
Long-term 600
Short-term 1500
Promised pulling tension (N100/mm)
Long-term 300
Short-term 1000
Min bend radius(mm)
Long-term 10D
Short-term 20D
Operating temperature (oC)
The way
Aerial  Duct